Boing Boing tv faves from 2008: Mark's Tour of Intelligentsia Coffee


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  1. Tightheadprop says:

    Repeat after me.
    Silver Lake.
    This concludes your Los Angeles geography lesson.

  2. matthewpb says:

    Actually, it’s written “Glassell Park.” (The warehouse isn’t in Silver Lake, it’s on San Fernando near the 2.)

  3. Arby says:

    Love this coffee stuff! I am a Torontonian, which means that I’m someone who, as a coffee lover, has a reasonable chance of finding interesting, even interesting and good, coffee shops. (To name names; Vici, in the bottom of the Toronto Life Centre, makes nice espressos. The Remarkable Bean, on Queen St E, is an all round great spot, making great regular brewed coffee, and throwing in, uniquely, easy to listen to jazz radio and dynamite pastries). And I’d love to have my own. I’ve wanted to do that for a while, but it takes money to make money. Kyle Glanville’s got it right – from the standpoint of us coffee lovers. Slow food meets coffee. Thanks folks for the very enjoyable coffee videos.

  4. nach0s says:

    do i see an old (72-74) bmw bavaria parked outside of intelligentsia? major bavaria fan and owner here.

  5. hlehmann2 says:

    The videos might be *boip* meaningless trivia */boip* OK, if it weren’t for all the *boip* meaningless trivia */boip* popup overlays that keep distracting me from any actual *boip* meaningless trivia */boip* content.

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