Hitler Finds Out Balloon Boy Was A Hoax


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  1. Eric Ragle says:

    Ah Flight of the Navigator…Server manages to wax nostalgic once again…and I don’t mind.

  2. Anonymous says:

    *interrupting video*
    Everyone’s sick of that memory

  3. Guysmiley says:

    At first I was thinking “oh lord, another of these videos?”, but when they busted out Flight of the Navigator I cracked up.

  4. Antinous / Moderator says:

    The saddest thing about this is that one my best friends speaks German and can never enjoy these.

  5. axl456 says:

    this is one of the greatest meme ever, and it will never die..

  6. Anonymous says:


    Tell your friend to watch it with the sound off. That’s what I do.

  7. bleh! says:

    2:18 – Am I mistaken but does “WALT DISNEY WORLD!!!” line up to when Hitler says “Stalin!!!”?

  8. lyd says:

    I chuckled, then I laughed out loud, then I downright cackled with glee. At the end, though, I was a little sad.

    Compliance… *sigh*

  9. Sekino says:

    Every time I think that meme is going to get old, I still laugh my butt off. It’s a classic.

  10. DaiShiroYama says:

    Michael Jackson was in the balloon.

  11. daemonsquire says:

    I think a balloon boy related image, over-printed with “oh the humanity!“, would appropriately sum up the affect this has had on all our lives.

    Okay, well, mine anyway…

  12. endymion says:

    Dude. Some of these are better than others. Some of them really look like the guys are saying the lines; some not. This is one of the best ones!

  13. Anonymous says:

    If there is a Hell, I can only hope that Hilter is made to watch every one of these mash-ups.

  14. GeekMan says:

    Oh Xeni. Someone needs to make you a little plush Hitler doll with a pull string that makes him scream random strings of punctuated German.



  15. VICTOR JIMENEZ says:

    Ever since I saw “Flight of the Navigator” back in 1986, I have dreamed of a day when a little boy could fly through the sky in a silver ship. My dream was coming true!

    Comedy gold.

  16. Church says:

    Weird that these vids exist in a Godwin-free Zone. I approve, however.

  17. franko says:

    oh man, LOVE IT.
    now i’m waiting for keyboard cat to weigh in….

  18. wellsoliver says:

    Wow. YouTube is really keeping Boing Boing in business these days, huh?

  19. Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey says:

    Antinous writes:

    The saddest thing about this is that one my best friends speaks German and can never enjoy these.

    You know what would be a great gift? Make a version dubbed in Russian.

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