MC Frontalot's First World Problem: "deep nerdcore and a wee bit political"


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  1. pushmonk says:

    He’s not bad, but I prefer MC Chris for my nerd rap.

  2. arikol says:

    I just bought the album, Front makes fun music, IMO.

    The lyrics are also great, but that can be said for most nerdcore rappers.

  3. Fett101 says:

    Many of these ‘nerdcore’ rappers seem far too gimmicky. I’d rather get my rhymes from MC Chris.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thac0: maybe it’s your problems that are impractical.

  5. IronyElemental says:

    Reminds me of Louis CK when he was on Conan O’Brien talking about people who don’t appreciate technology. “Everything’s amazing now, and nobody’s happy.”

  6. Rayonic says:

    That song really resonates; especially the part about yachts capsizing. Woe is me!

    It’s just the right amount of “political”, in my opinion. Suggests a point without being obnoxious. Honestly, it makes me glad I live where I live — first world problems and all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Center channel speaker’s out I can HEAR that it’s not on

    God dammit I’ve actually had that conversation.

  8. Thac0 says:

    Right, some of the first world can buy yachts but what about the majority of us that while having a fair standard of living are still in Debt bondage letting our employers take advantage of us for fear of loosing our jobs; doing everything we can not to miss our student loan payments, mortgages, car payments to get to work etc? This song seems a bit disingenuous like its out a Republican’s view of every American.

    • glaborous immolate says:

      Rent, don’t buy. Bike/take public transit to work.

      I hope you studied something with your student loan that pays a good wage.

      Now who’s a debt slave?

    • defenestrated says:

      The song is much more about putting some of the silly every day annoyances in perspective, but even if it were talking about what you mentioned… well compared to children working 16 hour days, starvation, and genocide, I’d say we still get off pretty easy.

      • Thac0 says:

        I agree comparatively speaking we have no cares in the world. However always saying it could be worse instead of looking to make what is wrong better will be a quick trip to the bottom, because its always worse somewhere else as sure as the grass will be always greener.

        • defenestrated says:

          It’s true, but having a couple songs backhandedly about being thankful is a nice change of pace for me. Like most of his stuff, this song seems pretty self-deprecating, but it’s a bit more positive about it all, at least for me.

          Then again, “the tribulations of muffy and percival” is my favorite thing on the album.

          • Thac0 says:

            I like Frontalot actually i have his first two albums but not this one. I was just pointing out that i disagreed with his point of view on this one song.

    • TCC says:

      You are in luck, this song is actually about you (and me).

  9. certron says:

    So … you are saying that an artist named ‘Frontalot’ is too gimmicky? To each their own, I suppose. I think this is just about right and that MC Frontalot is probably turning into exactly the artist he wants to be. The animation is pretty cool, too.

  10. Stickarm says:

    Evan Dorkin called, he wants his eyebrows back.

  11. Church says:

    Front is one of my favorite rappers out there (tied with Wheelie Cyberman from Optimus Rhyme.) I love these quirky vids.

    If you think Front is gimmicky, take a closer look at your own favorite artist. Damien owns up to it, at least.

  12. TCC says:

    I love the lyrics, the music not so much. For nerdcore, I am a Beefy fan.

  13. Big Daddy says:

    This is f’in’ sweet.

    He sounds like a bit like Eminem, minus the raging asshole part.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Frontalot is a real MC, whether you are into nerdcore or not. I’m feelin this new one a lot. Non nerdcore rappers will respect it. The video was really creative as well. Dope…

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