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  1. I am teh kitteh who Stu worked for. You killed him with the video of cuteness and now you owe me one staff person. I will be here waiting. No druggies.

    1. There are plenty of other sites without cats on them. Go ahead and check them out. We’ll be along shortly.

      (seriously do people think bitching about content will get that content changed?)

      1. um, ok I am in. Will bitchin’ about bitchin’?
        oh,never mind. Just had thought, might be like prayer and it changes the prayER.

        are the kittens since all the steampunk uke playing robots are at burningman

    2. You actually took the time to sign in and comment? Why not just … scroll by? The internet is not here just for you. Promise.

  2. And so the meme begins. I was at the Revision3 office video editing Tom Merrit’s show when I saw this, so… I just had to. Please forgive the plug:

  3. I’ve seen a lotta weird stuff on the internet (haven’t we all), but that. . . well, I’m having a hard time thinking of something quite so . . . freaky.

    1. As someone who has seen dozens of real life cats do this, I agree. I think that’s what makes it so creepy. The cat moves up and down like a cardboard cutout, yet still has a slight head tilt and other subtle movements that make it look sort of real despite that.

  4. He’s in cahoots with Ceiling Cat.

    But not to worry, they’re just watching for old ladies dumping their kin into wheelie bins.

  5. I am concerned about the apparent level of psychic stress in that poor cat’s life.


    Naw, not really.

  6. > Kitten now comes with proper soundtrack

    Look in my eyes. Look in my eyes. You are getting sleepy. Sleepy, sleepy, yes, sleepy. You want to go to sleep. Deep sleep. But before you can go to sleep there is something you must do. Bring the cheeseburger to the window. Bring the cheeseburger to the window, then you can go to sleep. Yes, you want to do that…

  7. I knew it was gonna’ be a cat, I didn’t even have to click it to just know it was gonna’ be a fuckin’ cat.

  8. It looks real enough. Any comments from the ‘shop pros out there if this looks speed-altered?

    Any translation of the Cyrillic/Klingon/Kodan title?

  9. ^o.o^
    Wow. Funny cat. It takes a bit too long. I thought there would be, from the title, some actual BOUNCING. Like a weird-ass ball or something.

  10. Is it just me or did that look like someone messin with a dead ass stuffed cat outside a window…creepy as shit man creeeepy!

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