Zombies burst from monster pumpkin


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  2. Guest says:

    Plantaiiiiiiinnnnnns. (Just look at them)

  3. nybg says:

    Ray’s sculpture is still up at the Garden. If anyone wants to come up to the Bronx and visit it, we’ll be carving two more this weekend, with Michael Natiello. Full details on our site: http://www.nybg.org.

    • Guest says:

      That is simply the coolest, most awesome pumpkin sculpture I’ve ever seen!  Applause!  Bravo!

      Now, where can I score one of those t-shirts, please?

  4. nybg says:

    Ray has a store on his website: http://villafanestudios.com/store The prints are awesome. Here’s a time lapse video we made of him working, too: http://www.nybg.org/plant-talk/2011/10/around-the-garden/zombies-in-the-garden/ Ray’s so awesome! We feel really lucky to have worked with him!

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