Wyoming's aircraft carrier dreams dashed

Wyoming's legislature has defeated its House Bill 85, on third reading, thus ending the state's plan to investigate buying an aircraft carrier (and equipping a military) to defend the state should the USA collapse.


  1.  I guess it is just fine when people never plan, Not even for a rainy day and the all powerful Washington government is not there to feed you.

    1. I guess it is just fine when people never plan, Not even for a rainy day…

      But an aircraft carrier in a landlocked state thousands of feet above sea level? Exactly how much rain are we talking about?

      1. The aircraft carrier was a last minute add-on by some asshole who didn’t support the main bill and wanted to subject it to the ridicule you see here.  If you support that type of politics, I expect you’ll also support it when it happens to a bill you’re in favor of.

    2. Yes yes.  Obviously. Because when the Federal government collapses, Wyoming’s own National Guard will be insufficient to protect them from the barbarians coming at them from across the Montana, Idaho and South Dakota borders seeking to steal their precious natural resources in the cataclysmic free-for-all that would follow.

      In truth, though, the good folks of the Wyoming legislature were just planning for the future.  Once the Federal government collapses SOMEONE will need to push out to the West Coast and reconquer Alaska for themselves.  It might as well be Wyoming if it’s going to be anyone.

    1. Yes.  Land locked and (quick double-check on Wikipedia confirms) the entire state is thousands of miles above sea level.

      Even in the worst-case, none of the maps I’ve seen regarding coastal flooding due to global warming would cause Wyoming to gain a coast either.

      I actually suspect that somebody stuck that into the bill as a joke – to mock the person who proposed the rest of the bill.  For the life of me I can’t see why even the craziest of crazies would think it was a good idea to investigate purchasing a carrier for Wyoming.

      1.  Pretty sure you mean thousands of feet above sea level, if they were thousands of miles above sea level they would be in space….Though i think that’s how high they might have been when they conceived this plan.

  2. Can’t help but wonder about Rep. Kermit Brown, the originator of the amendment to investigate “conditions under which the state of Wyoming should implement a draft, raise a standing army, marine corps, navy and air force and acquire strike aircraft and an aircraft carrier.”

    Other states have been floating contingency plan legislation, liking embracing a gold-back secondary currency, should Washington continue to march toward economic apocalypse.  Whether these plans are real or just grandstanding is another issue, but at least there’s a serious argument to it.

    Suggesting a land-locked state look into aircraft carriers smells of troll.

  3. I hope none of you who are ridiculing Wyoming’s attempts to prepare a state disaster plan are the same ones who cried “Duh, they live in the hurricane zone so why didn’t they have some sort of plan for dealing with this?” after Katrina hit. That would be, you know, hypocritical. And we don’t stand for that sort of thing here on the Internet.

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