Cat vs. Fish, or Fish vs. Cat? (video)

Video Link (thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. This is not funny, and the guy holding the camera should be ashamed of himself, letting his/her cat get attacked like that…he he he

    1. I know! I’m totally appalled that the owner should abuse his cat like this. I mean, it’s one thing to teach a beloved pet a lesson, but to let it learn the hard way like this is CRUUUUEEEEELLLLL. Now that cat has PTFD (Post Traumatic Fish Disorder) and will likely need counselling.

  2. You can just feel the cat thinking at the end: If you put that on youtube I’ll piss on your toothbrush, hairless one.

    1. Absolutely right – the tiny dimensions of its tank are completely wrong for a fish this size. It’s like keeping a Great Dane in a caravan.

      1.  Classic Oscar tank – purchased when he was cute and yappy, and they size of a small goldfish. 6 months later and he’s 10 inches of angry with no friends left in the tank…

  3. I inherited an enormous (100 gallon +) aquarium from the previous tenants of an apartment I moved into years ago. Not having a lot of time to dedicate to an aquarium at the time, I purchased one fish and a bunch of plants. It was a medium-sized immature oscar. Years later when I moved out of state he was around 15 inches long and would bash himself against the side of the tank every time anyone walked past. Very aggressive fish. I donated him to a local pet store when I moved out. I’m curious what became of him. I don’t think he would have done well in a tank with other fish. He was like Charles Bronson. 

  4. I had an Oscar named “Oscar”…  original, I know.  So Oscar was around 14 inches long and always hungry. Whenever I had to reach into the 130 gallon tank (cleaning, etc) I had to watch Oscar.  He would eye the activity closely.  And if I didn’t notice, he would slowly work around to behind my arm. Then he would strike!  My arm would be extracted at a high rate of speed and water sprayed about.  Always thrilling.

  5. Looks like kitty’s facial fur  may have been touching the water’s surface. Which means food floating on the surface! Love the cat’s “did you SEE that?” look at the end!

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