Princess awards First Amendment lawyer "Defender of Internet" medal for SOPA fight


18 Responses to “Princess awards First Amendment lawyer "Defender of Internet" medal for SOPA fight”

  1. Brainspore says:

    Yeah, but I bet the Wookiee lawyer gets sh*t.

    • jimh says:

       The Wookiee gets a comb-out at a participating salon. (A $750 value.)

    • retepslluerb says:

      Come to think it, perhaps Wookies are stout republicans (the real kind, I mean) and simply don’t accept honors and medals from monarchists.

  2. crummett says:

    Completely win-filled!

    • chellberty says:

      The internet was created when a can of coffee divided by zero on a machine like that one on the coin, true story.

  3. z7q2 says:

    It’s beautiful o.o

  4. jimh says:

    I hope the Princess wore some kick ass lip gloss for the ceremony.

  5. johnphantom says:

    Interesting how the icon is a TRS-80 Model 3

  6. Nash Rambler says:

    You know, we’re all laughing at this thing, but what it represents is a thing greater than us all. . .

  7. I wish it was the actual Nyan cat pixel art, but other than that, digging it!

  8. penguinchris says:

    Is the “Princess Tiffiniy Ying Cheng” thing supposed to be a joke?

    •  Tiff is not literally a princess. The allusion is to Princess Leia who conferred the medals at the end of the movie and who was also a Jedi in her right.

      • penguinchris says:

        I’m well aware of the reference and found it amusing, and yeah I googled the name, this was just so ambiguously written that it seemed to imply (to me anyway) that she was a real princess when it seemed clear that she isn’t :)

  9. teknocrat says:

    I so want one of those medals 

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