Castle made of Starburst

DeviantArt's Ashleyisthebomb shows off a Starburst chewies castle whose individual bricks were melted together with a glue-less hot glue gun: "because there was no glue or anything, it was completely edible. My family and I had fun eating it until we got sick of starbursts, then i threw it out. It took FOREVER and ended up weighing about 60 pounds."

Starburst Castle (via IZ Reloaded)


  1. A lovely dwelling for the King, Queen, and loyal servants of the Kingdom of Diabetia.

  2. In what particular thought to work I know not;

    But in the gross and scope of my opinion,

    This bodes some strange eruption to our state.

      1.  Quoting Hamlet, from the opening discussion among the guards on the castle battlements.

        So a joke, yes, but it seemed to fit making a candy castle and then eating it until you get sick.

  3. I remember when they wete called Opal Fruits.

    Mmm…my mouth is watering just looking at it.

    1. And only the yellow ones would remain – because even if it took a week to eat, those yellow ones are hard as any building material the second they come out of that rapper.

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