Cat Dance (video)

In the 1970s, someone thought this was a good idea. [Video Link]

(Thanks, Tara McGinley)


  1. I don’t judge. God knows how the things we think are clever and cute will play in forty  years.

  2. Andy Sandberg’s father at 1:14???

    The concept is vaguely reminiscent of some Australian Aboriginal dances, in which the goal is to mimic the actions and mannerisms of a native animal.

  3. I’m just glad we as a species have evolved past making videos with gratuitous cat placement and bad dancing.

      1.  but now people have the illusion of choice – of what of 100 flavors of crap to view. Back then the choice was more between watching TV and not watching it.

    1. More like, “They will watch anything we throw at them, so let’s put this on.” I don’t consider that mentality sucks since classic broadcast TV really was far more creative than modern, market-researched to death TV.

      Shows like this were more “reality” based than 99% of “reality” TV that exists nowadays.

  4. Ah, both in hi-quality pop culture and in… well, stuff like this, the Boomers are a tough act to follow.  Surely Generation X has done something by now that’s as risibly awful.  But what?  I can’t think off the top of my head.

    Yo Gabba Gabba, maybe?

    1. Those kittens were dead a few hours after this was shot.  They looked dehydrated and miserable.

  5. But it was a good idea!

    Anyway, if you don’t like it too much, blame the Internet. This is a perfect example of retroactive causality: this is what the Internet looks like when reflected backwards in time 40 years.

  6. I recognized two of the cat pictures.  They were used as Trapper Keeper covers sometime around 1980.  I had the two white kittens w/blue background. 

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