Cory in Naperville, IL tonight

Hey, Naperville, IL! I'll be speaking and signing at Anderson's Bookshop tonight at 7PM, in part two of the Chicagoland leg of my Pirate Cinema tour, which wraps up tomorrow night at the Evanston Public Library. Anderson's is one of the nation's great indie bookstores, ranking in my books with the likes of Powell's, and they're especially committed to kids' and YA books, doing tons of outreach to schools across the midwest. I hope you'll come out tonight and show them the love they've earned! After Chicago, I go to NYC for Comic-Con and an appearance at WORD in Brooklyn (check out the video remix contest) and then on to Philly, Bethesda, Edmonton and many other cities -- check the full schedule for more.


  1. Can I ask: why no locations actually IN Chicago?  There are many independent bookstores here, hosting authors all the time.  (Including — ahem — Powell’s.)  There’s got to be a reason.

    For the record: Evanston is your only location available to people without cars.

    1.  I usually do an event at a central Chicago library branch, but for some reason it didn’t happen this year. I assume it’s because the publisher wants to spread the love around – having done three appearances in a row in central Chicago, they want to get at the suburbs this time.

    2.  Good news – you’re not entirely correct about not being able to get to Anderson’s without a car. Go to Union Station, get on the BNSF Metra rail, and take it to the Naperville station. Get off in Naperville and you’re a ten minute walk from Anderson’s. Get on the 5:22 train – it’s an express to Naperville. You’ll likely get there with enough time to have a nice dinner near the bookstore before the event. Or take the 5:36, but that will get you to Naperville with only about 15 minutes to make the event. Good luck.

      1. Thanks!  I can’t go tonight, but I appreciate your effort to find a way via public transport.  Maybe it will help some other Happy Mutant.

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