Wax anatomy-model cake

Conjurer’s Kitchen created this anatomical wax-model cake for the mad bakers at Eat Your Heart Out. Delicious and educational!

Anatomical Wax Model Cake


    1. True. But would I want to eat that? No. Not because it’s not well made (it looks great), but because of what it’s made in the shape of…

      1. When I was but a grotty little teenager my brother made me a cake in the shape of Mr Hanky. Despite the fact the cake was delicious, not many people at the party wanted to eat a cake shaped like a giant turd, no matter how much singing and dancing joy he brought at Christmas time!

  1. ‘I’ll take a little piece off… no, wait… maybe just an end… no uh, how ’bout that one, yeah THAT one, only smaller… a little smaller, really just a bit of frosting… ugh, no nevermind.  I’ll pass.’

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