Amazon reviews for "binders" (full of women) are funnier than Romney's original gaffe


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  1. IronEdithKidd says:

    After reading a few of those reviews, I’m feeling a little sorry for Avery’s PR people. 

  2. pduggie says:

    I’m dense, but why is it really a gaffe? He actually is practicing affirmative action, no?

    Is it that it sounds dirty?

    • Evan G. says:

      Not so much that it sounds dirty (sounds more creepy to me), but that the way he related this in the anecdote sounds like he views women as just sort of a thing to check off (“alright, let’s look at some women job candidates”) rather than an actual group of people who would offer value to an administration. 

      Also, a women’s group reached out to him to put forward candidates, and the number of women in top positions went down during his administration:

      His views of women that he related to the debate audience weren’t improved by a later answer in which he was discussing work/life balance by saying he favors flexible work hours so women could get home and cook dinner for their families (and offering no mention of how work/life balance measures could benefit men). 

    • huskerdont says:

       What Evan said, plus it’s the fact that he didn’t actually know of any qualified women so had to (supposedly) go out and ask others to send them to him. (In reality, the candidates were sent in prior to this.) The attitude was that we don’t need laws or regulations, we just need good people like him to be nice and give them jobs, and when the economy is going again, unemployment will be so low that employers won’t have any choice but to give even women (!) jobs.

      But basically, it just confirms that he’s out of touch.

      • blueelm says:

        Especially once women can be forced back into low paying jobs! I mean if people’s options are bad enough, they’ll work just about anywhere doing just about anything! See… then everybody’s happy!

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      Hmmm….Looks like a good place to drop this.   

  3. Amazon’s probably not mad; the hit count must be through the roof on this one.

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