Candy Corn on the cob

An Instructable exists for this. It must be made. Alaskantomboy writes, in the prelude:

I experimented with fondant first, that was completely unsuccessful. Then I though of gluing it together with caramel (since I had a fresh bag of that around too). Too messy and too hard. Then, another light bulb went off.....cookie dough! Sugar cookie dough works perfectly (don't attempt with chocolate chip dough, the chips just get in the way and jeopardize structural integrity). It only took about 4 minutes to assemble and looked authentic.

Vegans: it can be done vegan.

(Photo: alaskantomboy. Thanks, Tara McGinley!)


  1. I want to have a feast with these and candy corn oreos. i saw that on south park. i havent checked to see if it’s a real thing because if it is i will eat ALLLL of the candy corn oreos.

      1. Also a rare example of the product being made with (HFCS) what it purports to be (“corn”).

  2. Looks delicious,


    “…caramel (since I had a fresh bag of that around too).”

    A fresh bag of caramel? I’m not sure whether to judge for calling a bag of processed caramel ‘fresh’, or to be impressed that someone would make up a batch of caramel and bag it. Either way I think this was along the right line, personally – I would have gone with a fudge.

    1. I assumed she meant Caramel candies.  I see a lot of that handmade around here.  Rolled and wrapped up in a piece of wax paper and sold in bags. 

  3. I like the idea, but not at wasting the cookie dough, or at having uncooked cookie dough sitting out at room temperature. 

    So, I’m trying to think of alternatives – please, post suggestions here, or if you actually try it, maybe some results?

    My ideas so far:

    * Laffy Taffy (or regular taffy?), formed into a small log, maybe nuked for a few seconds to soften the outer edge for candy corn insertion (there’s a loaded phrase for ya).

    * Setup a mold, pour molten sugar – dangerous, brittle difficult, time consuming, I don’t think this is a good option

    * Chewing gum?  Not even sure how to pull this off.

    1. I agree.  I think the cookie dough is a good start but you need something compatible with what candy corn can do.  I mean it has a life span of probably a year or more.  It needs a binder that can at least stand up to a few months of hanging out on the counter.

        1. Really now.

          But it actually makes sense, cause where else would you keep a binder full of women, but in the kitchen.

    2. Taffy would be a good choice, especially if it’s made from scratch.  It stays pliable for a long time, and it can be made sticky enough to hold the corn in place.

      I’m also concerned about keeping raw cookie dough at room tempurature.  We’re out of peanut butter and I’m wondering if I’ll find our favorite brand on the shelves at the store today.  Too many food scares and sick people.

  4. Has anyone else tried chicken fried corn on the cob?  Wow!  Deadly good.  Next up is for someone to batter fry candy corn on the cob.  Doesn’t really appeal to me taste wise, but it would be an epic creation.

      1. I think that you would have to have a clinical psychological condition to find that appealing.

  5. Friends made candy corn on the cob back in college.  They did it by putting some candy corn in a blender on “liquify”, and then molding the resulting goop into the cob and pressing some more candy corn into it.

    Definitely a sugar overdose.

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