BB Readers' DIY Costumes: We are all Pussy Riot

In our Epic Halloween DIY Costume thread, Boing Boing reader Becca Tarvin shares this photo of a gang of revelers dressed as Russian art-provocateur-heroes Pussy Riot.


    1. Yes, that they learned from that experience and got more publicity on subsequent actions.

        1. So, when you speak of insulting a large segment of the population, is there anything in their lyrics which might be insulting to that segment or is it just that the performance was inside the church?  I am curious, because I have no idea what they’re saying in the song.  I assume they are upset about things but I gathered that it was mostly to do with Putin and company.  Are they talking about the church as well?

          1.  As evidenced by the previous comments the attention and publicity resulted from their church performance. The lyrics certainly didn’t help with the feelings of the faithful.

            The song lyrics are provided under the youtube video by the performers themselves. You can run them through google translate and make up your own mind.

  1. All of these protestors would be more effective if they were only nicer… And maybe got married … And maybe shut up.

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