John McAfee sells TV and movie rights to his life story while detained; graphic novel also under way


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  1. Brainspore says:

    IANAL, but couldn’t a TV or movie studio make an unauthorized biopic anyway? His life and accomplishments are a matter of historical fact. As long as movie studios don’t base a film on his personal memoirs or other copyrighted work I think they’re good to go.

    Either that, or the folks who made “Downfall” probably owe the Hitler estate a hefty chunk of change. (Godwin’d!)

  2. itsgene says:

    Who else could it be but Mel Gibson?

  3. Will Bueche says:

    @Brainspore – Probably no studio would take the risk of defaming a living person. There is no defamation of dead people (in US law anyway, I don’t know about other countries) so if he was deceased it would indeed be easier to make an unauthorized biopic. I seem to recall that if he is found guilty of murder, he isn’t entitled to profit from his crime, so his entire effort to sell his life story rights might be for naught. Sure he may get a paycheck now, but he’ll have to give it all back to his victim’s family if he is found guilty, right? Re:

    • Brainspore says:

      There have been plenty of unauthorized made-for-TV biopics about living public figures. O.J. Simpson, Martha Stewart, and Arnold Schwartzenegger (among others) all got the low-budget-movie treatment at one time or another. Granted, getting permission first is a good way to reduce the risk of being successfully sued for defamation.

  4. Ramone says:

    Adrien Brody. Wth a lot of cosmetic work to make him look about 20 years older.

  5. Xof says:

    Great idea; the victim restitution fund can use the contribution.

  6. PhosPhorious says:

    With a sense of existential gloom and bone chilling humility I realize  that I will never have an “official cartoonist.”

    What the hell have I done with my life?

  7. jimh says:

    It HAS to be Callum Keith Rennie, who you might remember as Lew Ashby on Californication.
    He’s perfect for it.

  8. Ben Gleason says:

    Tommy Gunn. He’s a dead ringer…

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