Tiny holiday scenes starring Star Wars advent calendar minifigures

wookie needs a tree. Photo: J5K.

Boing Boing reader J5K of Helsinki, Finland picked up a LEGO 2012 Star Wars Advent Calendar 9509, and has been setting up and photographing cute little holiday scenes with the minifigs. He shared some in the Boing Boing Flickr pool, and you can view them all here.

at-at walker, Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 10. Photo: J5K.


  1. The city version has some really odd choices. If you go into it without knowing the theme it really makes no sense.. day one was a chainsaw and a tree stump. Later on is a hand cart with four tires. What does any of this have to do with Christmas?

    It only makes sense (sort of) if you hunt around online for reviews.. apparently they’re building some kind of search and rescue type operation to save Santa. It’s still fun, but hard to see the daily choices as anything other than someone selecting overstocked minifigs from the company inventory.

  2. Love the Lego Star Wars advent calendars. Chewbacca was in last year’s calendar (along with an amazing Yoda Claus). We were particularly delighted with the mini AT-AT the other day.

    1. The great Stuart Ashen was underwhelmed by the at-at (and the calendar in general), but I think he was too harsh. Yes, it’s not very realistic, but I *like* Lego that’s semi-abstract.

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