Could you get a restraining order against Santa?


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  1. A temporary restraining order is meant to preserve the status quo. If the status quo you are maintaining is the absence of Santa, then ok.  But once you invite him in (like a vampire) you’re stuck.

  2. Nash Rambler says:

    “. . .Santa has an unbroken record of hundreds of years of peaceful activity.”  Sorry Cory, but I must correct you.  As evidence presented in the hearing “State of NY v. Kris Kringle (c. 1947),” Santa forcibly struck one Granville Sawyer with a blow to the head.

  3. oasisob1 says:

    And even if you could get the protective order, doesn’t someone have to present him with it in order for it to be valid?

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You have to notify him that you plan to get a restraining order, with proof of notification. If he doesn’t show up for court, you need to do it again.

      • oasisob1 says:

        Set the court date for 24 December, late evening, and make sure the courthouse has a chimney. Leave out milk, cookies, and the summons disguised as a ‘what I want for xmas’ letter. Done!

      • Tynam says:

        Not a problem.  Several countries’ mail services accept delivery of letters to Santa.  (Use recorded delivery, obviously.)

  4. fuzzyfuzzyfungus says:

    Restraining orders seem like the wrong scale for dealing with this corpulent elf.

    Can you imagine how many customs duties he doesn’t pay every year, or how many border control violations he commits during his annual ‘non-state-actor-gonna-violate-your-airspace world tour’?

    He’d better hope that Rudolf’s nose isn’t as bright and shiny in the IR band as it is in the visible red, or he could run into real trouble…

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