Talking porcupine knows how to party: corn, champagne, unintelligible grunting

"I think Teddy's had a happy new year," observes his handler. More about "Teddy Bear," Zooniversity's talking porcupine, in's YouTube channel. (Thanks, Dean Putney!)


  1. Perfect timing.

    Just a moment ago I finished reading John Scalzi’s Fuzzy Nation, and hit the web to see if there’s a sequel. This is clearly one of them celebrating their new-found freedom.

  2. I think he was saying, “Get this stupid hat off my head, human, and turn that camera off while you’re at it. Also, quit saying ‘uh-oh’ every time I knock something over because I could care less the position of those non-edible objects.” I took three years of porcupine in college.

  3. These are the EXACT noises my kid used to make (and still does, when she forgets herself) when really really enjoying her food.

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