Gweek 084: Carrie Brownstein


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  1. Erik Englund says:

    Sleater-Kinney, but I believe it’s pronounced how you spelled it.

    I am very excited to listen to this tonight!

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    Last weekend I “used up” my backlog of GWEEK, Make: Talk, and the new Cool Tools podcast, so this  is welcome.

    Especially because Brownstein is innit; I love Portlandia and think she’s as cute as a button and funny as hell.

    I’ve been watching one episode a week via Netflix; soon I’ll be in wait mode, twiddling thumbs until Season Three shows up on the service.

  3. Mordicai says:

    Hey remember how they did that “fake geek” PSA?  Huh.

  4. coffeemoon says:

    There is no such thing as a “Comic Book Industry”. Nor any other activity themed “industry” that doesn’t actually involve industrial processes.

    • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

      That’s interesting, but I’m not going to stop calling it that.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      You should totally check out the dictionary industry.

    • Why stop at forbidding “industry?” You shouldn”t call it a comic “book” unless it’s glued or sewn together with a proper spine.

      And “comic” is a synonym for “comedian” so we can’t use that word either in this context.

      I guess there’s no acceptable word to correctly describe this object.

  5. Great interview. Portlandia is fun but it took Carrie away from the All Songs Considered podcast, and I miss hearing her there.

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