Music with Children: Playing the Recorder (1967)


NewImageHere is some delightful music for a Monday morning: "Music with Children: Playing the Recorder" by music educator Grace Nash (1909-1990) and friends. (via Toys and Techniques)


  1. Does anyone else’s perverted brain take one look at that album cover and think “Older lady teaching kids to play the flesh flute”

  2. Does this bring back some memories!  Mostly unpleasant ones.  These brown plastic monstrosities did introduce me to music, but I feel I wouldn’t have rejected it for so long if my starter instrument had been a guitar or something (ANYTHING) else.

  3. Good lord. That’s awful. There’s so much good music for the recorder that’s easy to play: Bach, Purcell, etc.. There’s no need for dirge-rhythmed saccharine tootlings.

  4. Typical lizard people indoctrination ritual. Even at the time (1969) I recognized the evil behind it. 

  5. Ah yes, that takes me back to that unique form of torture that was so many American’s introduction to ensemble playing: a class of 25 students playing 25 differently out-of-tune sopranos.

    Prior to its modern re-invention, the soprano was actually a rare size. Even with a family of instruments by the same maker, it takes talent to play one in tune with the lower instruments. Banishing the soprano from all public performances would go a long way to rehabilitating the recorder in the public’s eye.

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  7. At that age, and level of competence, any instrument sounds hard on the ears. Imagine the pieces played on violin, by the same children with the same level of coaching….Instrument teachers in schools are given the almost impossible task of teacher a skill to children with no more than about 15mins per week of one on one tuition. Which just reveals children who have a bit of a feel for music, but the ones who need a bit of work, a bit of explanation, a bit bit more practice. Get ignored.
    When your child comes home brandishing a new instrument, it WILL sound rough, it WILL take hours of constructive practise, and it WILL take encouragement from YOU.

  8. Gods, I loathed playing recorders. All it did was reinforce in me that I was completely without musical ability. I was truly fearful of recorder day, and would simply mimic the finger movements of my classmates, so as to look like I was playing, but not play the thing.

  9. I was forced to play recorder in elementary school, then re-started in college. A few years after graduating I started again.  Now I have a podcast at aichteeteepeeslashslash It’s actually a wonderful instrument, but playing it well takes dedication.

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