Monsters and Legends: kids' reference book on the origin of monsters


7 Responses to “Monsters and Legends: kids' reference book on the origin of monsters”

  1. peregrinus says:

    Fantastic, thanks Cory!  Winging its way to me now.  My 7 year old is asking more questions than Bela Lugosi could keep up with!

    • Cory Doctorow says:

       Sounds like a good kid!

      • peregrinus says:

        Having a nicely decorated reference will also help me buttress my 4 year old’s imagination against the misleading and perhaps-not-accidental information being passed from the older sibling!

  2. weatherman says:

    Even though I don’t have a kid (yet) I might still get this book. Seems like a more literary version of the D&D Monster Manual, which was certainly the origin of most of my interest in mythical creatures.

  3. Jonathan Badger says:

    Yeah, sounds a lot better than the 1970s Usborne “World of the Unknown”  children’s series about ghosts and aliens, which is what I grew up on. Yes. they were entertaining and nicely illustrated, but they had all this “researchers believe that ghosts/aliens do this” stuff, making kids think that these were serious academic questions rather than just the obsession of paranormal/alien enthusiasts.

  4. Page Turner says:

    What do you think, is it too juvenile to be included in a Young Adult library collection?  Or would middle-grade readers enjoy?

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