Spirographic pancakes

Pancake pioneer Saipancakes has combined a spirograph with a pancake-batter dispenser -- the Pangraph -- and it makes gorgeous fairy-pancakes with many nested symmetries.

Notable Replies

  1. "Grampaw?" "Yes, boy?"
    "Now that we have power again, I've been looking at these VEEDEEOS you have-"
    "Dear Gods."
    "You used to PLAY with your FOOD when you were a kid?!"
    "Things were different back then."
    "Food was FREE or something?"
    "Well, no, but people were really BORED and didn't really have to struggle to live all that hard-"
    "Did you ever FLY?"
    "Me? No. Well, there was that one time we went to my aunt's funeral. We got a plane trip out of it. The 20th century was different. People thought differently."
    "Power's out again."
    "I'll go feed the hamsters."

  2. Is there a setting that will only produce pentagrams?
    I'm thinking of a Black Sabbath Brunch...

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