Studio sculpts giant coin, photographs it alongside normal objects to make them look tiny

In 2011, the Norwegian design studio Skrekkøgl scuplted a massive 50-Euro-cent coin and shot it from above with a tilt-shift lens alongside numerous full-sized objects to make them seem to be cunning miniatures.

You can download a shapefile for the coin and print it yourself at any size of your choosing. Instructions for finishing it are here.

50 ¢ [Skrekkøgl]

(via Gamera Boy)

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  1. tropo says:

    Looks like there's tilt shift going on in some of those to enhance the effect.

  2. Tilt shift is like fucking magic.

  3. kuato says:

  4. They could have saved a bunch of money by using an oversized paper scale instead, like in this photo of an adobe hut in the Grand Canyon.

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