Beyond Bad Lip Reading: the Auralnauts' astounding Star Wars remixes

The Auralnauts' wildly successful Star Wars remixes have gone from strength to strength, combining bad lip reading, South Park-ish raunchy humor, and massive dance-parties accompanied by some seriously rockin' tunes.

Installment 5, Attack of the Phantom Past, just dropped, and it is the best one yet. I only found out about these recently and binge-watched the entire series, laughing aloud and making my kid come and watch the best parts.

(via Waxy)

Notable Replies

  1. Brilliant! We're watching this tomorrow!

  2. It's better with a Blade Runner soundtrack

    Edit: A Jedi rave would be awesome and terrible.

  3. I notice that many people associate Life Day with Christmas, but I had the dubious luck of watching the Holiday Special in 1978 and I recall it was shown just prior to Thanksgiving, so that's what I always think of as its real-world analog.

  4. Oh, an original viewer! Did you make it through the whole thing? I was too young in '78 to see it when it aired, but have watched it a few times since the mid-90's, mostly to share the misery of the experience.

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