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San Francisco: Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order) to be interviewed live by David Pescovitz


I'm thrilled to announce that on January 31, 2013, legendary bassist Peter Hook of Joy Division and New Order will appear at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco in an on-stage discussion presented in partnership with Boing Boing and our friends at Noisepop. And I'm doubly thrilled, and honored, that the person he'll be chatting with is me! As regular BB readers know, I'm a lifelong fan of Joy Division and New Order so I am greatly looking forward to this opportunity. Hook has written a new memoir, Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, where with great candor and wit he recalls the story of four young men in Manchester who played their first gig in 1977 and went on to transform post-punk, dance music, and the aesthetics of alternative culture. Naturally, my first question to Mr. Hook will be: "How does it feel?"

This is a free event but advanced reservations are required. I hope to see you there!

Live: Peter Hook: Inside Joy Division, with David Pescovitz

Disney store offers, then pulls, Mickey t-shirt based on iconic Joy Division album cover

On The Madeleine Brand Show (a radio program on which I'm a regular guest), Luke Burbank points to two strange Disney-related updates: first, Disneyland has finally relaxed their extreme rules banning all facial hair for staff/contractors—employees are now allowed to grow beards.

And in even odder news, the Disney Store is now offering was, until today, selling a new t-shirt design based on the iconic Joy Division "Unknown Pleasures" album cover, with Mickey Mouse's face inserted in those wavy lines. From Manchester to Mousechester!

There was backlash, and it looks like the item is no longer available in the online store. But Joy Division/New Order bassist Peter Hook liked it.

Related news coverage: NME, Gothamist, Washington Post, Stereogum (where commenter Michael Robenalt 'shooped up what may be next: Donald Duck on the Joy Division album cover for "Closer.")

Update: The now-yanked Mickey Joy Division t-shirt is now on eBay! One of them, anyway. (thanks, Pesco)