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Watch this psychedelic dreamscape: The Colors of Feelings

French artist Thomas Blanchard mixed paint, oil, milk, honey and cinnamon to create these hypnotic swirlings of color and shape. The film is set to Lost in Space by Max Richter.

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Watch this psychedelic video of paint mixing

Thomas Blanchard created this deeply trip video, "The Colors of Feelings," using paint, oil, milk, honey, and cinnamon.

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Help save 60s icon Owsley's trove of live concert recordings


When famed 1960s LSD cook and live soundman Owsley "Bear" Stanley died in 2011, he left behind 1,000 reels of high-quality concert recordings of The Grateful Dead, Johnny Cash, Miles Davis, Fleetwood Mac, Janis Joplin, and many more. The Owsley Stanley Foundation has launched an Indiegogo campaign to save those deteriorating tapes.

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Nine trippy animators interpret Dan Deacon's "When I Was Done Dying"

Dan's new video features a range of psychedelic styles. Off The Air has interviews with Dan and the artists:

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Hubble Cat


Hubble Ultra Deep Field Cat. So many galaxies!

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[Shoop: XJ]

Now Entering Hy-fur-space

Shoop: XJ.

Shoop: XJ.

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Kitten surfing on some pizza in rainbow outer space


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Shoop: XJ

Blood Moon Kitten Feast

Shoop: XJ

White Rabbit

shoop: XJ


'shoop: XJ.

Rabbit Rainbow

Shoop: XJ

All You Need is Pug

Shoop: XJ

Kitten Frog Laser Battle

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Verner Panton's incredibly psychedelic fantasy furniture (1970)


In 1970, famed Danish designer Verner Panton transformed a Bayer-sponsored exhibition boat at the Cologne furniture fair into the "Visona 2 Fantasy Landscape." Below, a video tour of the scene. Can you dig it? I knew that you could.

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Wooden Shjips: premiere of new track

Contemporary psych minimalists Wooden Shjips invite us on another gorgeous expedition into space rock with their latest release Back To Land, available November 12 on Thrill Jockey Records. Following up on their epic LP "West" of 2011, Back to Land is an even more refined headtrip that trances me out like Velvet Underground, Love and Rockets, and Spacemen 3 have in previous decades. The crunchy guitar again dances with organic organ grooves but is tempered this time around with increased acoustic instrumentation. Indeed, the first teaser track available from Back To Land is an acoustic version of one of the album tracks, titled "These Shadows." Boing Boing is pleased to premiere it here above, and you can purchase it on iTunes. You can also pre-order the full album "Back To Land" from iTunes and receive "These Shadows (Acoustic Version)" as an instant bonus. Of course, if you're like me and yearn for vinyl, Thrill Jockey comes through with a beautiful LP version on pink vinyl in a tip-on gatefold jacket. A free download coupon is included and early pre-order customers will receive a bonus 7" containing These Shadows (Acoustic Version) and another non-LP track, "Colors." Wooden Shjips: "Back To Land" (Thrill Jockey)