Worst passwords

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Mark Burnett, whose work has been featured here before, has used lists of leaked passwords to compile a master list of the 10,000 worst passwords (with accompanying wordcloud, see above); an astonishing 91 percent of all passwords used appear in the top 1000. Here's the top 100, with their relative frequency: Read the rest

Phrases used by corporate fraudsters

The FBI and Ernst and Young have released a list of top-ten phrases that indicate corporate fraud, based on data-mining evidence from real corporate fraud investigations.

In total more than 3,000 terms are logged by the technology, which monitors for conversations within the "fraud triangle", where pressure, rationalisation, and opportunity meet, said the FBI and Ernst & Young...

1. Cover up 2. Write off 3. Illegal 4. Failed investment 5. Nobody will find out 6. Grey area 7. They owe it to me 8. Do not volunteer information 9. Not ethical 10. Off the books

Top email terms used by corporate fraudsters published by FBI (via /.) Read the rest

Wikipedia recursion madness

The disambiguation page for "Disambiguation". (via Kottke) Read the rest