BB Video: Soviet Unterzoegersdorf, pt. 3 of 6 / Cheetos Boredom Busters. (This is an ad)


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A disclaimer for the capitalist entertainment pellet above: This Boing Boing Video episode is a paid ad for Cheetos. This is the third in a six-part series of security bulletins from the long-lost Communist enclave of Soviet Unterzoegersdorf. Background on the series here. All other BBV episodes we're producing this month are ad-free. Neither Cheetos nor Federated Media, the agency that sells our video sponsorships, has seen what we're doing before we air it, and gave us pretty much zero editorial restrictions. With effectively no creative oversight, we went for the most irreverent and ridiculous option we had, and that meant monochrom.


Soviet Unterzoegersdorf Academy of Sciences agents analyze the contents of a box recently parachuted into the motherland from American capitalist swine. The box contains a substance that resembles pleasingly cheese-scented packing material, and yet — there is nothing else inside. Agents attempt to isolate the secret ingredient inside that morphs cheese, corn, and boredom-killing antimatter. WHAT IT IS, COMRADES?

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