Sci-tech educational parody show "Look Around You" now on DVD in the USA

L-R: Peter Serafinowicz, Robert Popper, Patton Oswalt at "Look Around You" LA release. Photo: Xeni Jardin.

The dry, über-weird comedy show "Look Around You" has long enjoyed a cult following on BBC TV and online. Co-creators Peter Serafinowicz and Robert Popper based the series on the creepy, unfunny science education videos they were forced to sit through in school as kids. Many segments have become viral YouTube hits—of them, the "Petticoat Five" ladies' computer is my favorite.

Last night in Los Angeles, I attended a launch event at UCB for the US release of their Look Around You DVD, hosted by Patton Oswalt. A number of LOL-luminaries were in attendance, including Chris Hardwick, Tim Heidecker (Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job), Liam Lynch (Lynchland podcast), Jeffrey Max and Zachary Johnson of Fatal Farm, Neil Hamburger, Rich Fulcher, James Urbaniak, Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Mike Rosenstein (Ben Stiller's Red Hour), and Michael Busch (who once did this to pay the bills).

The event was a blast. First, Patton Oswalt was clearly as big a fan of these guys as anyone in the audience, and his host duties consisted mostly of totally nerding out on them. Secondly, Popper and Serafinowicz debuted a new short film that had me literally in tears I was laughing so hard. And finally, it just feels great to see such a fantastic, odd cult project get the kind love it deserves.

They're headed down to Comic-Con today, and we'll be sneaking some related exclusive video goodies on to Boing Boing soon. Keep your copybooks at hand, you'll want to take notes.

Look Around You: Season One DVD

Look Around You – Computer Games (YouTube)

(special thanks to Devin from the BBC, and Andrea James!)