"Hardcore vaping" electronic cigarette video review is full of both nicotine and LOL

Please don't tell anyone that this is, in fact, a completely fake "e-liquid" review for the electronic cigarette/vaping community created by prolific video-lulz creator Liam Lynch. It would be better for the internet if everyone believes it's real.

RavenVapes5v510 does yet another e-liquid review for a rare Mega-level nicotine RY4 by Vapor Station. RavenVapes5v510 is a hardcore, experienced vaper that resides in Los Angeles, California. He has been vaping for 7 years and reviews a wide range of vaping liquids, devices and accessories. RavenVapes5v510 in no way cares about your comments or discussing/debating his opinions.

Video Link. Between you and I only, RavenVapes5v510 is Liam Lynch.