Gross and tantalizing menu from the Explorer's Club dinner

Last week's 108th annual Explorer's Club dinner at NYC's Waldorf-Astoria featured the customary assortment of weird, gross and tantalizing food, starting with cow eyeball martinis (see Paul Adams's photo, below, of the eyeballs). Popular Science has the whole menu. Here's what the canapes were like:

Pineapple towers with scorpion, pea pods, strawberry slices, melon balls and green grapes

Sweet cherry peppers, cucumber flowerets and cherry tomatoes filled with assorted creamed fillings: durian paste, herbed and spiced cream cheeses, and garnished with crickets, mealworms and scorpions

Two varieties of seaweed with mild spices and olive oil

Sautéed and deep-fried earthworms

Orchids (edible) with a honey-sweetened creamed dipping sauce

Chon and Kopi Luwak coffees, made from coffee beans that have passed through the digestive tract of small mammals

A Taste of Exotic Meats at the Explorers Club Annual Dinner

(via JWZ)