BB reader: "Spot where Pink Floyd's 'Wish you Were Here' album cover was shot? I actually *am* here."

In the comment thread for my post about "The Making of Wish You Were Here" documentary, something worth a post all on its own. Boing Boing reader Donald Peterson writes

Coincidentally enough, that cover photograph was taken directly outside my office here at Warner Bros, mere yards from where I'm currently sitting. The slightly diagonal buttresses to the far left are the lower walls of Stage 16, the big stage with the WB badge that you see in the "underwater" sepia logo at the head of recent WB movies. I'm in the eastern end of Building 44, immediately behind the camera and to the left.

Other than a slightly more attractive paintjob and a bit of landscaping at the far end of the street, the location is still perfectly recognizable.

Here's how it looked seven minutes ago.