Disney tarot

D'Morte, the Arch-Druid of Tinver Moor, created this Disney Major Arcana, "based on Golden Age Disney works from Snow White through to the Rescuers." Messr D'Morte notes that he was "influenced by the Marseilles deck, while adding a Jungian interpretation to many of the images."

These are inspired. Click through for The Hanged Man, which all but skewered me on its brilliance (though The Fool, above, is a close second).

At the risk of sounding cranky, one of the problems I've faced over the years is that, being extremely good, my finished projects (under many different nicks/avatars, in different fields), give the impression of being effortless, and hence, are either ignored or don't get the attention/value they deserve.

It's a little disheartening when photographs of someone's dinner get more 'likes' on Facebook than an art project like this, one that took 2 months of continous labour. This is one of my smaller projects, FWIW.

Oh well, such is this wondrous modern age in which we live.

Dmorte-Disney Tarot

(Thanks, D'morte!)