A thing that is real: "Great Job! Poop Emoji Dog Poop Bags"


"You did it! Percival Peristalsis, the Positive Poop is proud of you."

Great Job! Poop Emoji Dog Poop Bags are here, and we want them.

Our pal R. Stevens of the long-running Diesel Sweeties webcomic introduces a new lulzy product in his store full of excellent goofball stuff.

You did it! You! The hero!

Yup, these are totally dog poop bags with an encouraging happy poo emoji praising you.

Seriously, these are dog poop bags. They're made and printed in the USA from bio-based plastic and reclaimed resins. They are not compostable. (Maybe we'll do some of those in the future) They smell faintly of crayons.

Two rolls to a package. 15 bags to a roll. Free sticker with every pack!

Buy 'em here. There are stickers and t-shirts, too.