Finger Ease is guitar string lubricant that smells nice

I really like Finger Ease guitar string lubricant. While I doubt the spray does a thing for the sound of my strings, I find it allows me to play for quite a bit longer.


Simply spraying this aerosol on the strings, and fretboard, of my guitars instantly makes them feel cleaner and faster. Finger Ease eliminates any squeakiness or scrapping sounds from my callouses moving over the strings. The lube also makes almost any room smell instantly nice, it reminds me of McCabe's Guitar Shop in Santa Monica, CA for some reason.

I used to doubt this could be good for my guitars but after what seems like far more than a decade, everything is great. I doubt it cleans or protects, but it certainly lubricates. I do I do clean my fretboards between sets of strings, however I never notice any residue I'd attribute to Finger Ease. I also have bene taught to wash my hands before playing guitar so they are never a mess.

Lately I use coated Cleartone strings, and the Finger Ease creates no issues with the coating. I simply spray it very lightly on once every few times I play a guitar. A single can lasts me several years. Sadly, it is an aerosol.

Fingerease Guitar String Lubricant via Amazon

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