Korean protests in Santa suits occupy Seoul's streets, demanding removal of impeached president Park

Everybody knows that North Korea is a failed state basket-case full of starving people and multigenerational concentration camps, but South Korea is hardly the model of good governance: from the long-serving leader who stole $200M and gave it to his kids (who now live happily in America off his nest-egg) to those long-ago days of 1988 when the government kidnapped homeless people and developmentally delayed people and put them into forced labor camps -- some of which still operate today.

More recently, South Korean President Park Geun-hye has been revealed to be a stooge of a Rasputin-like cult leader, leading to her impeachment (of course, they didn't impeach her when she passed an incredibly invasive surveillance bill despite a brave filibuster.

But South Korea's terrible governance is matched by its excellent resistance, including holographic protesters to their excellent filibuster material: and now, thousands of Santa Clauses gathering in the streets of Seoul for a candlelight vigil demanding a swift resolution to Park's impeachment (Park is continuing to sit as president while the court figures out whether to remove her from office).

They're singing carols.

'Santas' march against South Korea's impeached president [James Masters/CNN]

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  1. From the article about Park's predecessor's legal troubles:
    The decision comes after former Prime Minister Lee Wan-koo stepped down in late April amid allegations he took 30 million won (US$27,400) from a businessman who hanged himself last month.

    Less than $30 grand? trump's gonna set new records!

  2. The most affecting movie I've ever seen is a love-story that is also a tour-de-force criticism of Korean attitudes towards the disabled. The director is a national treasure, every movie he's made is top notch. But Oasis - about a slightly slow man and an abandoned woman with cerebral palsy is a masterpiece. I can not recommend it enough. It is not the least bit sappy, but no movie has moved me as much.

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