Amid Trump's Muslim hate, new Nike ad celebrates 5 female athletes from Arab world

A stunning new ad campaign from Nike "pays homage to Middle Eastern athletes and explores the challenges young Arab women aspiring to a professional sporting career may face," per Vogue.


Yes, there are achingly cool close-ups of the signature Nike swoosh but this bold campaign goes far beyond selling hi-tech breathable sportswear, it delivers the region's spirit and millennial outlook on what it is to be a Nike woman in the Middle East circa now.

The clip features five successful female professional and everyday athletes from different parts of the Arab world. From CNN:

Nike said it wanted the video — which was narrated by Saudi actress Fatima Al-Banawi and shot in and around Dubai — to be "local and genuine."
"The film aims to highlight the stories of amazing athletes to encourage and inspire others," Hind Rasheed, Nike's communication manager in Dubai, told CNN. […] Rasheed said Nike wanted "to use the power of sport to change society positively."

Arifa Beseiso for Nike. Courtesy of Nike

Arifa Beseiso for Nike. Courtesy of Nike

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