Things cats hate: Christmas bonnets

Some new vending machines in Japan are now dispensing "Cute Cute Cat Christmas-chan headgear," a set of holiday bonnets for cats, in plastic toy capsules, according to SoraNews24:

As with all capsule toy offerings, the exact model you get is randomized. Luckily, with only four designs in total you've got a pretty decent chance of getting the design you want, and honestly, they're all pretty cute, without a single dud in the mix…

At 500 yen (US$4.50) a pop, they're just a little more expensive than average for capsule toys, but still cheap enough to make a great stocking stuffer for your animal housemates or pet-owning friends.

While it's fine to appreciate these incredibly cute product photos and imagine our own felines dressed up à la "Cute Cute Cat Christmas-chan," I think we can all agree that cats. hate. things. on. their. head.

Still… I'd buy one of each if I had the chance.