Modded, post-apocalyptic Hot Wheels cars

Back when I was a teen Car Wars player, one of my great pleasures was kit-bashing toy cars together with arms and armor from tank models to make Mad Max-ish battlewagons to use in our autoduels (a friend with family in the USA used to help us blow up our cars with smuggled in firecrackers to make "battle-damaged" models — pretty much the perfect dangerous, stupid teen boy activity) (sorry, Mom).

Gaslands is a contemporary tabletop battlewagon strategy game, and its players are spectacular toymodders who turn Hot Wheels cars into combat-ready improvised fighter vehicles. John Frost at Super Punch has put together a post collecting some of the best examples of the form, including my favorite: Old Snail's VW Snailwagon.

Hot Wheels customized for the post-apocalyptic game Gaslands
[John Frost/Super Punch]