Sacha Baron Cohen confronts Roy Moore with a beeping "pedophile detector"

Archprankster Sacha Baron Cohen (Ali G, Borat, etc) has a new show called Who Is America? where he disguises himself sits down with US politicians and tries to get them to do something absurd, with some pretty remarkable (and even career-ending) results (though not everybody falls for it).

The latest clip released by the show's producers disgraced Trump favorite Roy Moore, whose bid for a senate seat was disrupted by widespread accusations of sexual assaults and sexual harassment, often against young teens (Moore was reportedly banned from a local mall because he kept showing up and hitting on young girls).

Baron Cohen appears in one of his standard Who Is America disguises: a hyper-macho ex-Mossad commando who is apparently irresistible to far-right scumbags (not sure if this is because they are ideologically committed to Israel, or because there's a lucrative speaking/consulting circuit there — maybe both?). After some banter about Israel's world-beating military contractors and their incredible gadgets, Baron Cohen reveals a "pedophile detector" that can detect trace elements in body odor that reveal the presence of a pedophile and/or sexual predator.

Of course Moore nods along with this explanation, and of course the device alarms whenever it gets close to Moore. Moore grows flustered, insists that he's been happily married for decades, and claims, falsely, that he has never been accused of sexual impropriety.

But of course, we all know it's a setup. After all, Moore isn't accused of being a pedophile (someone who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children). He's accused of being an ephebephile (someone who is attracted to postpubescent children). I mean, honestly!