Listen: Buddy Hackett's filthy Donald Trump putdown joke, as told to Merv Griffin

One man was unafraid. An underestimated voice of wisdom, he tried to warn us all, decades before the 2016 elections. His name was Buddy Hackett.

In this audio clip (uploaded ages ago by someone else), comedian Buddy Hackett tells Merv Griffin a pretty good joke about Donald Trump that you should probably not listen to on speakers in front of kids or your boss.

Wait for it.

Seriously, this one's good.

If you liked that, here's Buddy trying to keep his jokes clean on Johnny Carson's show, below.

This 'uncensored' collection of Hackett's standup work is a great place to start, or return, if you're old enough to know who he is already. He had so much blue material in his act, there's a part two of the dirty stuff.

A lot of it was super racist, and super sexist. I don't wish to argue about it on the internet.

[Thank you, JB!]