Could the National Enquirer—Bezos scandal end AMI's federal plea deal?

Prosecutors "are reviewing the National Enquirer's handling of their Jeff Bezos reporting to determine if the company may have violated a cooperation deal reached with prosecutors last year," per Evan Perez and Kara Scannell of CNN, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

Jennifer Jacobs of Bloomberg reported the news separately around the same time:

Scoop: Prosecutors are reviewing whether National Enquirer's messages to Jeff Bezos about his affair violated tabloid's deal to avoid prosecution over hush-money payments to women who claimed relationships with Trump.

If tabloid committed any crime in 3-yr window, no immunity.

So did NBC.

Prosecutors probing whether National Enquirer parent company violated its non-prosecution agreement with the Southern District as a result of the conduct Jeff Bezos is alleging.

Expect stories to develop throughout the day.

Breaking news among many other stories breaking this Friday, less than a day after the Jeff Bezos/AMI sexts story first broke, and then took a weird turn that hasn't been resolved either.

Not enough goddamn popcorn in the world, you guys.