Jabba the Hutt, Bruce Wayne, John Cleese among interns praised in Trump's Economic Report of the President

They're acting like it was intentional now, because Trump.

The Economic Report of the President, just released today, includes some interesting intern names over there at Donald Trump's Council of Economic Advisers.

Interns like Steve Rogers, Bruce Wayne, Peter Parker, Aunt May, and John Cleese.

Also Jabba The Hutt.

Here's the link [PDF]. They may or may not change it.

CNBC White House reporter Christina Wilkie and the CNBC.com news team figured out how to decode some of the odd names of interns who were called out by name for praise in the report, released earlier today.

J.T. Hutt = Jabba the Hutt
Aunt May = Spiderman's aunt
Peter Parker = Spiderman
Steve Rogers = Captain America
John Snow = Jon Snow?
Bruce Wayne = Batman
Kathryn Janeway = Captain of Star Trek ship
John Cleese = comedian from Monty Python

I'm sure the CEA totally meant to do that, in fact, they tweeted so later in the day. Three tweets deep, in fact.