Realistic Starfleet meetings

Dan Hon (previously at BB) noticed that Star Trek's meetings and conferences always involve military officers, usually occur with ample time for preparation, yet invariably has them just talking to one another. If there are any graphics involved, they are simple, concise and expressive.

This is of course nothing whatsoever like any military on earth or off it. So Hon decided to photoshop what such meetings would actually entail: PowerPoint, and lots of it.

Sorry not sorry. Bajoran Stability / Maquis Dynamics – GOVERNANCE

Heres "Overall Weekly Dominion Attack Trends for Stardate 51145.3 – 51247.5"

As reviewed by Lt. Cmdrs. Worf, Data, and LaForge, and Capt. Picard:

Dave Rutledge, however, plays for the other team: