Squirrels stash 200+ walnuts under SUV hood

Pennsylvania resident Chris Persic says his wife called to let him know their SUV smelled like it was burning. When she opened the hood, a surprise was waiting: walnuts and grass piled all over the Kia engine, stashed their by misbehaving squirrels.

The couple estimate they found more than 200 walnuts crammed in there.

That wasn't all, the Franklin Park couple took the SUV to a shop and the shop reportedly found another half a trashcan worth of walnuts under the engine.

Other than that they didn't really do any extensive damage.

Persic says he was actually at a dealership on McKnight Road because his new truck started to shake when accelerating and the check engine light was on.

"Turns out my truck may have had a squirrel chew through or pull the fuel injector hose out," Persic said.

Oh Nuts! Squirrels Hide Hundreds Of Walnuts Under Hood Of Car [image: shutterstock]