So you're wondering what a 7-week old baby red squirrel sounds like

Dani Connor Wild is feeding four baby squirrels whose mother was run over: "I have recently become a “mum” to four baby red squirrels after their mum was unfortunately hit by a car. Over the past two weeks, they have gained my trust and recognise my voice. They remain in the wild and I visit them every day." In this video (embedded below), she uses a shotgun mic to record one munching away on a meal.

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Tiny picnic tables for feeding squirrels in style

Boredom sparked creativity for Florida-based Tech Strategist and new mom Lucy Smalls. While at home sheltered in place, inspiration struck and now she is feeding squirrels from little hanging picnic tables she built. She's not selling the tiny tables, or patterns to make your own, but has pointed the internet to Squirrelly Treasure Co. on Etsy which is selling both ($25 for a finished table).


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US federal government agency issues a very important warning about the … Squirrel Realm?

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission was founded in 1972 with the purpose of "protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of the thousands of types of consumer products." And since they brought on Joseph Galbo as a social media specialist in 2016, the department has grown increasingly infamous for its delightfully weird Twitter account.

You know, things like this.

At least there's one part of the federal government that's still improving the quality of our lives. And now I'm going to subscribe to these recall emails.

How a Government Bureaucrat Became the King of Internet Memes [Taylor Lorenz / The Daily Beast]

The U.S. Government's Weirdest Twitter Account Is Postmodern Internet Art [Emma Roller / Splinter]

Why a government agency is spreading memes about dogs riding pigeons [Rachel Becker / The Verge] Read the rest

Squirrel wrecks couple's home while away on holiday and insurance won't pay

In Atlanta, a couple say they returned from their holidays to find their home had been completely wrecked by a squirrel. Their insurance company, Mercury, says nope-- squirrel damage is not covered. The couple has launched a GoFundMe. No word on the squirrel. Read the rest

Squirrels stash 200+ walnuts under SUV hood

Pennsylvania resident Chris Persic says his wife called to let him know their SUV smelled like it was burning. When she opened the hood, a surprise was waiting: walnuts and grass piled all over the Kia engine, stashed their by misbehaving squirrels. Read the rest

Squirrel encounters invisible force field

This squirrel is surprised to encounter a hard, solid, almost completely invisible force field. Read the rest

Dig this psychedelic squirrel's rainbow look

Photographer Kaushik Vijayan snapped beautiful shots of rainbow-colored Malabar giant squirrels in the Pathanamthitta District in Kerala, Southern India.

"I felt so amazed by how drop-dead gorgeous it looked," he told CBS News.

While University of Miami evolutionary biologist Dana Krempels was quoted in National Geographic suggesting that someone may have jacked up the color intensity of the photos, the squirrels do have far-out purple coloring. From Nat Geo:

The squirrel’s purple patterns likely play some sort of role as camouflage. This is because the broadleaf forests these squirrels inhabit create a “mosaic of sun flecks and dark, shaded areas"—not unlike the rodents’ markings, (according to University of Arizona conservation biologist John Koprowski, author of Squirrels of the World.)

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Watch: Guy gives CPR to a squirrel and brings it back to life

A guy is on the side of the road giving CPR to a squirrel by pressing his fingers on its chest (yes, he is wearing a glove). Two police officers pull over to see what's going on, and find out that the guy's car either drove over the squirrel, or maybe just sideswiped it. (Or, perhaps it's just stunned by an almost-roadkill moment.)

But the guy and the officers determine that the car's tire didn't actually roll over the animal, who is out cold on its back. The good samaritan keeps working on the squirrel, massaging it and turning it over, when suddenly, voila! It pops back to life and runs off. Read the rest

Donald Trump head squirrel feeder

Undoubtedly inspired by the Archie McPhee's hilarious squirrel feeders, Drew Eldrige of Tennessee has hung out a food-filled Donald Trump mask on their deck for squirrels to find. Not only did squirrels find it, but so did a chipmunk!

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This squirrel is the cutest thing on two wheels

You'd be nuts not to watch this video: after finding a red squirrel with its front legs caught in an animal trap, a team of veterinarians and volunteers came together to give it a new lease on life... and a new set of wheels. Read the rest

Squirrel eats glazed donut

Donut Squirrel is my new spirit animal. Read the rest

How to make a humane wooden squirrel trap

Chris Notap made a humane wooden squirrel trap that slams a door shut when a squirrel goes to the back of the trap to retrieve a peanut. He put a camera inside the trap so you can see it action. Read the rest

3D animal print undies with ears

Your 3D wolf snout undies will doubtless be getting a little worn by now and you're planning on reordering soon. But wait! Check out 3D Animal Print Briefs With Ears.

They come in several flavors—squirrel, pig, raccoon, fox and "British Kitty"—but are one-size-fits-all. At $8, though, you could always turn them into classy wall art if it doesn't work out.

97% polyester/3% cotton

Environmental friendly printing without bad smelling,un-faded

Made of polyester but the line is made of cotton, so cute and comfortable.

If you like it, feel free to choose more patterns, buy 3 pieces, get one for free.

This brief would make a great gift. It's sure to be a hit with anyone. Especially girls and tweens

Machine wash

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Squirrels you may encounter

By Megan Nicole Dong of the blog Sharky Malarkey. Read the rest

Turns out flying squirrels can fly while holding giant pine cones

Moonlight Gliders is a beautifully shot and reported piece on mating season for Montana's flying squirrels. Among the amazing facts shared by Alexander V. Badyaev: they can glide while carrying rather large pine cones in their mouths. Read the rest

Colorado unfairly targeting wildlife refuge at swingers' sex club, says squirrel-loving swinger proprietor

Kendall Seifert loves squirrels and swingers, and operates gathering places for both types of creatures at Squirrel Creek Lodge.

Seifert is 53, and operated a wildlife rescue center *and* a swingers club at the same site, until state authorities raided his Littleton, CO business in a fairly transparent attempt to throw a wet blanket on the sex stuff by way of targeting the squirrel stuff. Read the rest

Incredibly aggressive squirrel tries to attack man through a window

This could be the beginning of a great "found footage" style zombie movie. Read the rest

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