Gentleman arrested at airport with 80 pounds of marijuana disguised as holiday gifts

He was only dreaming of a green Christmas, you guys.

In Nashville, Tennessee, an unfortunate gentleman is in jail after authorities, and their K-9 drug sniffing dogs to be precise, smelled some odiferous weed in the dude's luggage.

We're talking 80 pounds of dank, says the indictment.

Court documents say Tennessee state police caught Somphone Temmeraj, 57, with a quantity of cannabis that measured over 80 pounds (36 kilograms), wrapped up to look like Christmas gifts. The pot bust happened when Temmeraj transited Nashville International Airport on Monday, as AP and others have reported.

The officers said they saw Temmeraj pick up the bags and load them onto a cart. Temmeraj allowed officers to search the bags, which were filled with what appeared to be wrapped Christmas gifts. The items were actually filled with vacuum-sealed bags of marijuana weighing 84 pounds (38 kilograms), authorities said.

Temmeraj had flown to Nashville from Seattle, the documents state. He was booked into jail and bonded out Tuesday morning, according to online records. It's unclear whether he had an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

Police: Marijuana Christmas gifts sniffed out at airport []