Moose traps man in shed, home surveillance camera got it on video

An Alaska family's home surveillance camera recorded a most remarkable video of a moose trapping a man inside the family shed.

Curtis Phelps was just trying to take the garbage out, when — as this video from his Ring home surveillance camera demonstrates — he got trapped inside the shed by a moose who managed to push his way inside with one antler.

"The moose eventually moved on and Phelps escaped after calling his wife, Amy, with his cellphone," AP reports.

"He's like, let me know when I can get out of the shed," Amy told a reporter. "I'm stuck in the shed."

She had placed a garbage sack on the front porch and Curtis decided to take it to their locked shed.

"He said he walked out and he looked both ways as we always do and nothing was there," she said. "All he wore was his hat. He had his cellphone, though."

Curtis unlocked the shed, deposited the garbage sack, stepped outside and spotted the moose moving his way — and picking up its pace. He ducked inside and the moose walked up to the door and gently pushed it.

The rest of the story is actually super funny, go read the whole thing here:
Bull-noser: Camera records moose trapping Alaska man in shed