Trump denies, then confirms he hid in 'secure bunker' as protests raged at White House

Tries to convince everyone it was 'more for an inspection'

Impeached president Donald Trump on Wednesday first denied, then confirmed (it's a pattern!) that he fled to a secure bunker beneath the White House this past weekend, as Black Lives Matter/George Floyd protests spread, with heavily armed law enforcement assaulting peaceful protesters and credentialed journalists.

Trump today said he went there for an "inspection," rather than out of concern over his safety, which of course is totally legit and why would anyone question that anything he says could maybe not be true.

From the New York Times:

Mr. Trump has been irritated by news reports that he and his family were taken to the bunker while protests flared, and on Wednesday he was asked about the events in an interview with Brian Kilmeade of Fox News Radio.

"Well, it was a false report," Mr. Trump said.

"I wasn't down — I went down during the day, and I was there for a tiny little short period of time, and it was much more for an inspection, there was no problem during the day," he added. He did not say which day.

That contradicted the accounts of other officials, including one with firsthand knowledge, who told The New York Times that the Secret Service had rushed him to the bunker for his safety, not for an inspection, and that it occurred on Friday night, not during the day.

An official familiar with the events said the agents acted after the White House's security status was changes to "red," a warning of a heightened threat, amid the protests.

Mr. Trump's concern about the perception that he was hiding contributed to his decision to walk across Lafayette Square on Monday to a church that was damaged by fire the night before. Law enforcement officers used pepper spray to disperse a crowd of demonstrators and clear the way for his walk.

And when they finished talking about the bunker boy's underground hideyhole, Trump again repeated his toxic lie that former lawmaker turned MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is linked to the death in 2001 of Lori Klausutis, a young woman who worked for him when he was a congressman.

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